How to Respond to the Reporter of a Complaint

  • Listen carefully and without judgment or defensiveness.
  • Remember that individuals (particularly new students) may not have a support network at the University; they might not know or remember the availability of the privileged resources; their coping skills might be compromised simply because of all of the other things going on in their lives (new friends; demanding course work; new workplace, etc.).

Helpful Things to Say

  • You seem upset. Can I be of any help to you?
  • What can I do for you?
  • I’m glad you came to me.
  • Do you have any concerns about your safety?
  • There are places on campus that can help you.

Seek to connect the individual to the Sexual and Relationship Violence Response team (315-443-4715).   Take the individual to the Counseling Center if possible.

Responding to an Individual Who Shares Concerns

    • Before obtaining all of the details, explain that you must report to the Title IX Coordinator so that we can make sure the individual’s needs and campus safety needs are met
    • Remember to keep our community goals in mind, so seek to connect the student to the Counseling Center and provide them with the Student Bill of Rights
    • If concerned about safety or criminal activity, dial 911 or call Campus Safety (DPS) 443-2224
    • Listen without judgment and avoid asking questions that begin with “why”
    • Understand that in matters involving students, the student/survivor drives the process.  Therefore the student can determine the extent to which they would like intervention by the University
    • Remember that Supportive Measures (including no-contact orders, room relocations, and academic accommodations) may be provided
    • Remember that this matter is confidential.  Therefore, refrain from sharing information with individuals that do not need to know
    • Understand that you should not investigate the matter further or contact/confront the alleged offender
    • Inform the Title IX Coordinator within 24 Hours at

Direct them to contact one of these offices, if they have any questions:

Provide the individual with the Student Handbook and our Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy, if possible.