The Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services (EOIRS) provides specific services for faculty and staff, and for students, and additional services for all members of the Syracuse University (SU) community. These include:

For Faculty & Staff

Accommodations. The Accommodation Specialist will work with you to identify modifications or changes to a job or the work environment to assist with job responsibilities, so that an employee with a disability is able to perform essential job functions. Visit the Faculty & Staff Accommodations.

Internal Investigation of Complaints. EOIRS staff investigate complaints of disability-related discrimination, such as denial of accommodations, harassment, and retaliation; and investigation of intersectional complaints that may also be based on gender, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation or other protected categories; as well as investigations of incidents and that may involve sexual misconduct, stalking and/or harassment. Visit the University Complaint Process.

Training. We offer high-quality, focused and tailored small group and 1:1 training on numerous issues , such as “Accommodating Disabilities”, “Avoid Workplace Retaliation”, and “Bridges: Building a Supportive Community”. Visit the Training Offered page.

Information. We provide access to a number of SU policies on Non-Discrimination, such as the “Non-Discrimination in Employment on the Basis of Disability” policy. Visit University Policies.

Requesting Leave. Leave is not a service of the EOIRS office. Please contact Leave Administration at or call 315-443-4042.

For All Members of the SU Community

Report a Barrier to Access. To report an instance of inaccessibility at SU, such as barriers to your participation or attendance at an SU event, program, or facility, complete the online Concerns Form or email

Accommodation Appeals. Students, Staff, and Faculty who have requested and been denied an accommodation, and believe the denial was in error, may appeal the denial to the EOIRS office. Send a copy of the accommodation denial letter to to initiate the appeal process, or call 315-443-4018.

Other Questions. Do you have other questions or concerns about your rights and responsibilities regarding disability? Email or call 315-443-4018.