University Complaint Process

The following links will direct you to the detailed complaint process when making a report or complaint against students, faculty, or staff. 

Complaints Against Students regarding sexual misconduct, stalking, and harassment, etc.

Complaints Against Faculty regarding sexual misconduct, discrimination and/or harassment.

Complaints Against Staff regarding sexual misconduct, discrimination and/or harassment (Please contact our office at

Complaints of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual violence reported to EOIRS will be reviewed and either:

  • investigated by the Equal Opportunity and Title IX investigator (where student is the alleged respondent); or
  • referred to the appropriate university grievance process for resolution in consultation with our office (where faculty or staff is the alleged respondent)
Please note that you do not have to participate in the process and if you are participating, you can stop at any time.
Review what happens when you file a complaint or a complaint is filed against you in the student case as an example.