Responsible Employee

What is a Responsible Employee?

As a University community member, we all play a role in providing support and assistance to those in need. Not only does this enable us to create a welcoming and respectful environment, but it also ensures that all members of our community understand our goals and obligations as it relates to providing safety for all persons of all ages who participate in University programs.

All employees of the campus community, including faculty and staff, are designated as “responsible employees” and therefore must disclose all information related to discrimination, harassment, and/or sexual misconduct reported to them with the Title IX Coordinator. The exceptions to this policy are confidential sources.

Your Duty to Report Information

Responsible employees are tasked with:

  • Discussing information shared by campus community members that implicates a violation of SU policies with the EOIRS office.
  • Ensuring that the reporter’s needs are met, the accused (respondent) is treated fairly, and campus safety needs are met.

Title IX Information for Faculty & Staff

Under Title IX, all employees who know or reasonably should know information related to harassment or other sexual misconduct (except if the person received that information through a privileged relationship such as a licensed therapist working with their client or an attorney giving legal advice to their client) must inform the University’s Title IX Coordinator.

We understand that these situations can lead to difficult discussions so we’ve added a few tips to help you navigate the conversation.