I Filed A Complaint

You File A Complaint…Then What?

    • You will be asked what Interim measures you need in order to feel safe/comfortable
    • You will be contacted by either the Title IX Investigator or your advocate, if you have one,  from Student Assistance or the Counseling Center, to set-up a meeting so that the investigator can take your statement
    • The investigator will conduct the investigation, by interviewing the Respondent and any witnesses that the Complainant, the Respondent, and/or Witnesses deem to be resources for the investigation
    • When the investigator completes the investigation, you will be contacted by the Title IX office to ask if you would like to review the report that will be sent to the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities (OSRR)
    • If you review the report, you will be asked to provide a response—You do not have to
    • The report is then sent to OSRR for adjudication