IX Things to Keep in Mind as a Staff or Faculty Member…

When Responding to an Individual Who Shares Concerns Involving Sexual Misconduct or Discrimination/Harassmen

  • Before obtaining all of the detail, explain your role / duty to report
  • If concerned about safety contact the police
  • Remember to keep our community goals in mind, so seek to connect the student to the SRVR Team…and provide the student with the necessary information
  • Listen without judgment or defensiveness and avoid asking questions that begin with “why”
  • Remember that the student chose you to talk to and you are now their primary resource to get help
  • Understand that in matters involving students, the student/survivor drives the process. Therefore, the student can determine the extent to which they would like intervention by the University
  • Keep the matter private. Refrain from sharing information with individuals that do not need to know
  • Understand that you should not investigate the matter further or contact/confront the alleged offender
  • Inform the Title IX Coordinator within 24 hrs. 315-443-0211,

Direct them to contact one of these offices, if they have any questions:

Provide the student with the Student Handbook and our Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy, if possible.

Learn more about your obligations as a University Employee.

Informing the Title IX Coordinator

Within 24 hours by telephone (315-443-0211) and/or email (, inform Coordinator of:

      • Who reported it, to whom, about whom, and who else has been notified;
      • What was reported (focus on facts not on conclusions);
      • When did it happen (without regard as to when) and when was it reported;
      • Where did it occur (such as specific address, name of residence hall, etc.)

Retaliation against any individual for reporting concerns to the University is strictly prohibited.

For more information or if you are interested in learning more about Title IX, please contact us at Equal Opportunity or 443-4018.

Applicable policies are:

Reporting Concerns to the University

To report concerns regarding Sexual and relationship violence email the Title IX office. 

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