FAQ – Annual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

A.  In October 2018, New York State passed a law requiring all employees to complete training on the topic of sexual harassment prevention every year.

At Syracuse University, this includes, full time faculty, part time faculty, regular full time and part time staff, temporary staff, and event staff.

A.  Once you’ve successfully completed the training and survey questions, you will receive a confirmation email from equalopp@syr.edu and notification of your completion will be automatically sent to the office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution services. If you have specific questions regarding verification, please contact Christina Percoski at crpercos@syr.edu.

A.  If the training you completed is in the current calendar year and complies with the NYS requirements, you can provide a copy of your certificate in lieu of completing the Syracuse University course.

A.  Individuals who have a primary association with Syracuse University as a student are not required to complete the training, but may do so if desired.  Those who are students at other institutions who are working at Syracuse University are primarily affiliated with Syracuse University through their employment and as such will be required to complete the training.

A.  We are committed to accessibility.  Several steps have been taken to ensure the training is as accessible to as many campus community members as possible.  If you have any trouble completing the survey questions through the Qualtrics software please contact the office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services for assistance.  equalopp@syr.edu or 315-443-4018.

A.  If you can provide your certificate of completion for the EverFi training "Preventing Harassment and Discrimination" in the current calendar year, that satisfies the training requirement and you do not need to complete the review video.  Please email your certificate to Christina Percoski at crpercos@syr.edu.

A.  Please contact your department’s IT services professional for assistance.

A.  Your SUID is the first 9 digits on your ID card, you can also find this number on your paystub.  If you still cannot locate your SUID number, please contact the individual in your department that processes payroll.

A.  NYS law requires all employees to complete sexual harassment prevention training every year. If you complete training last year and have not attended or completed another training this year you are required to complete it on or before September 30.

If you completed training through another employer or if you are a new hire and completed the EverFi online course "Preventing Harassment and Discrimination" in the current calendar year, you may have satisfied this requirement.  Contact Christina Percoski, crpercos@syr.edu with questions.

A. Yes, to learn more about opportunities available through the office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services, please visit https://inclusion.syr.edu/training-development/ .

A. The webinar video can be viewed as a group.  However, individuals will each need to independently access and complete the Qualtrics survey and certify they have completed the training and reviewed the University policy.