Sexual Misconduct Resources

On-Campus Resources

Title IX Resource Guide [PDF] for students

Syracuse University strives towards a community free of harassment, discrimination, and sexual violence. Our Code of Ethical Conduct provides that all of us will respect the rights and dignity of all people. It further provides that all of us support a respectful environment through our own actions, encourage respectful behavior in others, and speak out against hatred and bias. This guide will assist you in complying with these and other University expectations and will provide you with information and resources if you have a concern about any form of sexual or relationship violence. Keep it. Use it. We are here for you.

Counseling Center (315.443.4715)

Hendricks Chapel (315.443.2901)

EOIRS training and development (315.443.1890)

Health Services (315.443.9005)

Hendricks Chapel (315.443.2901)

Chancellor’s Task Force on Sexual and Relationship Violence

Off-Campus Resources

Vera House (315.422.7273)

Syracuse Police Department (911)

Know Your IX

National Women’s Law Center

NY Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

A detailed list of resources can be found on the SU Counseling Center website.