Equal Opportunity & Inclusion

Syracuse University does not discriminate on any protected category. This includes admissions, treatment, employment and/or access to its programs and activities. The University prohibits harassment or discrimination related to any protected category. The protected categories include creed, ethnic or national origin, sex, gender, pregnancy, disability, marital status, political or social affiliation, age, race, color, veteran status, military status, religion, sexual orientation, domestic violence status, gender identity, gender expression or perceived gender.

The Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion, & Resolution Services is staffed by six full-time professionals and a part-time graduate student assistant.

We are available to assist students, faculty, staff, and others on a variety of matters involving:

  • Issues related to SU’s non-discrimination policy
  • Disability accommodations for faculty & staff
  • Affirmative Action Planning
  • Individual and department level assessment, intervention and climate assessments
  • Sexual harassment, abuse and assault
  • Gender discrimination related to any Title IX designated activities, including access, admissions, athletics, counseling, employment, financial assistance, health insurance, housing, learning environment, math and science, standardized testing, and technology
  • Scheduling trainings regarding harassment, discrimination, responsible employee, bias, sexual harassment, and other issues requiring interaction with our office

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Reporting Concerns to the University

To report concerns regarding harassment and/or discrimination contact us at Equal Opportunity.

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