Responsibilities of the Title IX Coordinator


Sheila Johnson-Willis, the Title IX Coordinator, has primary responsibility for coordinating the efforts of Syracuse University to comply with and carry out its responsibilities under Title IX.  Her office:

  • Oversees the University’s response to reports and complaints
  • Ensures a fair, equitable and prompt process for all involved
  • Oversees investigations involving sex discrimination

When informed, the Title IX Coordinator works with others by doing an initial assessment which includes:

  • A pattern check
  • Who is point person with reporter/victim
  • What does the reporter/victim want
  • What is necessary, if anything for campus safety
  • Who else (if anyone) needs to be notified

The Title IX Coordinator works with other departments/deans/ administration, to ensure that:

  • Interim relief, if requested and available, is provided and that follow-up is done with the reporting individual
  • The necessary steps are taken to ensure a fair and appropriate resolution
  • Steps are taken to remedy the effects of any misconduct
  • Steps are taken to prevent recurrence

Within 24 hours by telephone 315.443.0211 and/or email (, inform the Title IX Coordinator of:

  • Who reported it, to whom, about whom, and who else has been notified
  • What was reported (focus on facts not on conclusions)
  • When did it happen (without regard as to when) and when was it reported
  • Where did it occur (such as specific address, name of residence hall, etc.)

Reporting Concerns to the University

To report concerns regarding Sexual and relationship violence email the Title IX office.

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