Your Rights & Responsibilities

Your Rights & Responsibilities

SU Cares, Understands, and is a place of Connection: this is about our Syracuse University community and our culture here at the University.

Syracuse University’s Core Principles: The University’s Code of Ethical Conduct guides the activities of all faculty, staff, and students. It provides, in part: We respect the rights and dignity of all persons and recognize that discrimination or harassment in any form undermines the fundamental principles of the University.

We support a respectful environment through our own actions, encourage respectful behavior in others, and speak out against hatred and bias. We strive to respect the rights of others and while we respect everyone’s right to freedom of speech, with those rights comes a responsibility to do so in ways that are appropriate and sensitive to others. We will investigate allegations of bias against any and all members of our community.

Reporting Concerns to the University

To report concerns regarding harassment and/or discrimination contact us at Equal Opportunity.

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