For Parents

As parents, we all wish for the best college experience for our children. However, that is not always the case. In the event that your daughter/son, is affected by sexual misconduct, dating/relationship violence, stalking, harassment, and/or discrimination, please contact one of our on-campus resources.

Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion, & Resolution Services        

005 Steele Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244-1120 –  (315) 443-4018

Office of Student Assistance
306 Steele Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244-1120 –  (315) 443-4357 (HELP)


Counseling Center
200 Walnut Place
Syracuse, NY 13244  – Phone: 315.443.4715



Reporting Concerns to the University

To report concerns regarding harassment and/or discrimination contact us at Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion, & Resolution Services..

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