Planning Inclusive Events

Planning Inclusive Events

Want to plan an inclusive event? The following resources will help you do so:

Syracuse University’s Inclusive Event Planning Checklist.

The following information are for ASL Interpreting Services and CART providers. Please use your Net ID to log into SU Answers to see pricing for each of these providers and request ASL and/or CART services for your event.

ASL Interpreting Services

Aurora of Central New York

315-422-7263Call Aurora of Central New York

Whole Me


Empire Interpreting Service

315-468-3275Call Whole Me


 CART Providers

Alternative Communication Services

630-456-5124 (local)                                                                                   1-800-335-0911 (toll free)                                               813-926-7875Call Alternative Communication Services

Sara Baum


Caption Advantage, LLC

315-492-0069Call Caption Advantage, LLC from a local number (local)                                                               877-227-2382Call Caption Advantage, LLC toll free (toll-free)                                              315-492-1426Call Caption Advantage, LLC

Professional Reporting Services



Campus AV Support for CART

Student Centers and Programming Services (SCPS)

Learning Environments and Media Production

For events in Schine Student Center, Goldstein Student Center, and Skybarn

For all other locations on campus